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“Goal in The Gaunas” . The iconic cry for more than a decade was heard on sports radio will sound again with force from next season after the promotion to the Second division held the Saturday Sports Union Local, a success put back to The Rioja in professional football after 20 years of absence. Its president, Félix Revuelta , it showed yesterday ambitious for the return: “I don’t want to play just to stay, because, when you do something only for a pass, is when it’s suspended”.

The triumph to the Castellón in the penalty shoot-out decided by the first round of champions playoff of ascent allows the UD Local addresses the final step to finish to settle the project which began in 2009, months after the painful disappearance of the Sports Club Local , the team that became fashionable to that cry of “goal in The Gaunas” after ascending to the First division (1987). A set that remained ten years between the large and whose bench went illustrious as Miguel Angel Lotina, David Vidal or Carlos Aimar , the argentine turned to his players with a sharp blow in the chest before jumping on to the lawn. Players such as Julen Lopetegui , the legendary Tato Abbey and Russian Salenko tested those caresses before the CD Local will enter into a spin, a fall that was unstoppable.

After saying goodbye definitely First division in 1997, the riojanos started a black decade full of incidents, decreases administrative and a tortuous path to the disappearance of that historic Local after incomparecer in two matches of the Third division, which led to his expulsion from the League (2009).

Two new teams

The disappearance of the Local of all life was not the death of football in the capital of la rioja because it was a reaction double. Members and fans became the exterior of Las Gaunas in the scenario of assemblies to the birth of the SD Local , the club that continues to be managed by their partners and that in the 2009-10 season he started competing in the ultimate category of regional football, and now fight to ascend to Second-B.

in Parallel to this task of shareholder popular, the well-known entrepreneur from la rioja Félix Revuelta , owner of Naturhouse, gave birth to the UD Local to acquire the plaza at Second B property of the CD Varea , a neighborhood club that surprisingly had agreed to Second B. As in the case of the SD Local, the premiere was in the League 2009-10, although directly in the category of bronze. The union in the football of Logroño has been impossible and there has been no way of merging both projects, in spite of attempts by the town Hall .

“a Lot of people know that this was a dream that I had for 11 years and has arrived at a critical moment, I hope that it has been a bit of fresh air for the city and for the Rioja,” he said yesterday Félix Revuelta . Castellón was the last hurdle for a great time in the that YOU Local was the team with the more points you had, the more producer and less goleado of the four groups of Segunda B when the coronavirus forced to suspend the regular League. The president will have to face from now on quite a different situation for your club, “that will happen to be a professional team, with all that this implies, and not only by the budget of the entity. We’re going to spend to have an impact of about two million euros to twenty”.

Sergio Rodriguez, coach, manteado by their players – @UDLogrones

The YOU Local amounts to professional football with a man of the house on the bench, Sergio Rodriguez, ex-captain white who hung up his boots in 2013. “We have won by heart, is a team that has a soul, very united,” said the coach to explain the key to success after which the rioja playing in inferiority for the extension before the Castellón for the removal of Ousama in the last few minutes of the second half.

César Caneda , the veteran captain, reflects the commitment of the template region. The defense vitoriano, of 41 years, holds the record of matches played in the first three categories of Spanish football (792) and this season has been the only one that has appeared in all the meetings of the joint local, with the that this Saturday saw fulfilled the dream of returning to the category in which you played for the last time in 2015, with the Mirandese. “The promotion involves an immense joy because a city like Logroño, after so many years, he deserved it”.