(Paris) Swede Mikael Ymer was fined US$40,000 after being disqualified for smashing his racket against the referee’s chair during a match presented in a preparatory tournament for the International tennis tournament of France.

An ATP spokesperson said Ymer was relieved of 9,980 euros ($10,500) and lost the 20 world ranking spots he gained after reaching the second round of the Lyon Omnium. Ymer was also fined 27,490 euros (about $29,000) by tournament organizers.

The spokesperson added that the ATP Disciplinary Committee will review the video footage of the incident to determine if further disciplinary action is necessary.

Ymer, the 56th player in the world, has already scored a career win over world No. 1 Carlos Alcaraz. The 24-year-old tennis player has been disqualified from the Lyon tournament after his scene near the end of the first set against Frenchman Arthur Fils last week.

Ymer was frustrated that the referee refused to leave his chair to check a ball mark, after Son’s slap landed near the line. As the players made their way to their respective chairs for the switch, Ymer struck the umpire’s chair twice with his racket — destroying it, in addition to damaging the umpire’s chair in the process.

This gesture earned him a disqualification, and at the same time confirmed the victory of Fils.