Power cuts: a national test scheduled for December 9


The managers of the French electricity transmission network have been formal: the hypothesis of preventive power cuts cannot be excluded for this winter. Everything – or almost – will depend on the weather. The colder it gets, the greater the household demand for electricity, as heating is a significant part of our energy consumption.

These load shedding measures would therefore occur in the event of excessive voltage on the network. They would never exceed 2 hours, and would be scheduled: network users would therefore be warned in advance of an upcoming outage. This Tuesday, November 29, Elisabeth Borne broached the subject in the Council of Ministers. The day before, she had already brought together the 10 ministers most affected by the system in order to identify and raise the issues related to the implementation of the cuts.

RTE will not cut the power to your home overnight and will in fact follow a plan established upstream and very precise. As france info explains, several steps must be followed before carrying out load shedding. Here it is :

This plan will apply in the event of load shedding in the coming weeks. Friday, December 9, RTE will do a slightly different test. What does it consist on ?