A Russian gun-rights activist that had built up in the United States, an extensive network in conservative circles, wants to confess to illegal activities. From a Monday by their lawyers in a Federal court in Washington submitted a document stating that the 30-year-old Maria Butina has entered into a cooperation agreement with the Prosecutor’s office.

Thus, you want to admit in a guilty plea before the court to be as an “unregistered agent” of Russia. Also, you want to plead guilty to a “conspiracy” with the aim of have been involved, to infiltrate political organizations in the United States and to promote the interests of the Russian government””.

Butina had been taken in July. At the time, she pleaded still not guilty. Meanwhile, the “matter” between the defense and prosecution had been solved, declared the lawyers of the young woman. To made the possible sentence for the 30-Year-old.

Butina had made in America, contacts to politicians and policy advisors as well as the powerful gun lobby, the NRA. According to investigations by the Federal police, the FBI, they wanted to penetrate into the “national decision-making apparatus of the United States”.

The young woman was traveling in August of 2016 with a student visa. In Washington, she lived with a policy consultant to the Republican party of President Donald belongs to Trump.

Butina is a protege of Alexander Torshin, the Vice-Chairman of the Russian Central Bank and the head of state Vladimir Putin is close to. With Torshin, she was much in on-the-go, especially in the case of the NRA.

The case of the young Russian has brought a lot of attention, also because of their iridescent appearance. The red-haired woman posing on photos in the Online networks guns with rapid fire and other Shooting, in some she is wearing a cowboy hat. In the media Parallels were drawn to Anna Chapman, in 2010, the failed Russian spy.