(Montreal) The company Perrigo is voluntarily recalling a precautionary Nestlé Good Start Soothe infant formula product (942 g), sold in Canada, due to the possible presence of Cronobacter sakazakii bacteria.

The company announced the recall Friday evening in a press release.

Perrigo has indicated that the affected containers bear the following lot codes and expiration dates: 301 757 651Z (expiration 2024-07-18), 301 757 652Z (expiration 2024-07-18) and 301 857 651Z (expiration 2024- 07-19).

She urged consumers who purchased this product to contact her customer service for a refund and to discard the formula.

“It is important to note that no product distributed has tested positive for the presence of this bacterium, that no adverse effects have been reported. No other Nestlé® Good Start products are affected by this recall,” said Perrigo.

The recalled product was manufactured at the Gateway Eau Claire, Wisconsin facility between January 2 and January 18, 2023.

The company assured to be in contact with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. “We are taking the necessary steps to have all products removed from shelves,” she said.

Perrigo explained that Cronobacter sakazakii bacteria are commonly found in the environment and cause no symptoms in most people.

However, in premature babies, infants under two months old, or infants with weakened immune systems, it is possible to see fever, excessive crying or lack of energy, among others.

A provider of personal care products and health solutions, Perrigo says it purchased the Gateway Eau Claire, Wisconsin plant from Nestlé last November, as well as rights to the Bon Départ® infant formula brand in the United States. and in Canada.