Whether in your dressing room, your kitchen or your pantry, you may come across these insects, which look similar to moths. There are several types of them, including clothes moths, commonly called moths, and food moths, nicknamed flour moths. All are part of the Lepidoptera species, that is to say, butterflies.

For food moths, their intrusion into your cupboards begins at their caterpillar stage. A single clutch can be between 200 and 300 eggs. In heated places, three to six clutches per year can be made. But then, how to overcome it, and above all, what are the precautions to take before the invasion?

It can be difficult to destroy an entire infestation of moths. Able to pierce your packaging, they are easily installed without you noticing. However, they do not actually pose any health hazard, but we advise you not to consume a product that they have infested. So what are some natural ways to drive them away? First of all, it is necessary to carry out regular cleaning of your cupboards. This will also make it easier for you to spot them. Use white vinegar for this.

You can also discard the packaging and transfer its contents to closed boxes or jars, preferably glass. Finally, certain essential oils and spices can keep them away.

Before eradicating them, it is still necessary to know which packaging favors these insects. To do so, check out our slideshow below to discover their favorite hiding places.