Pop-Briefing – The unbearable hypocrisy of the PopWie is very interested in the music industry to black music? How will Live Nation, big concerts performed? And what is there this week on new music to discover?Ane Hebeisen2 Kommentare2Der beginning of a long love affair: Lady Blackbird released their first Song. Photo: Facebook

must hear

It is the first Song that the world gets to hear from this woman, and it is likely to be the beginning of a long love affair. The American singer Lady Blackbird has made it to the entrance of the Nina Simone civil rights anthem “Blackbird” and brings in their interpretation of the pain of the black woman in a white neighbourhood to the expression. The Original is 50 years old and unfortunately still so high currently.

From Sweden reached us with an Album, the art obscures its geographical origin in such a way that an almost dizzy. Sven wonders of the man, the time of the psychedelic drug experiments is hippiesker Goa-traveller shows interested, time Spaghetti-Western Aesthetics quoted, supposedly with the Turkish Jazz-Rock scene anbandelt and the Whole always with slick Breakbeats garnished. “Eastern Flowers” is the undisputed Album of the week!

to start A Band that takes itself completely without Gender and generation barriers, the African – American musical culture in all its facets, that was the idea of Mourning A BLKstar from Cleveland. Now their fourth Album is released and released in various, hard club, musical districts. The spectrum ranges from Gospel on experimental electronics and Soul to Blues and Breakbeat-avant-garde. Against the white police violence, the collective has already called on your 2017 appeared first: “We have discussed this once already. Again and again and again and again and again. Like a panel jump.” The Album, baptized, the Band consequently “The Cycle”.

The land is a common opinion, that the dispute with the Reggae around the world in roughly the same musical results. The Ghanaian project with the somewhat cumbersome name of Y-Bayani & Baby Naa and their Band of Enlightenment, Reason & Love shows that this is not necessarily so. The Album appeared on the honorigen Label Philophon.

It is spoken

It is a bit cynical, that only the Dead in Association with shaky cell phone footage on this occasion that the world public opinion thinking about it, why do you have a world created, in which certain layers of the population, not on equal opportunity can hope for. The Problem has been known for decades, the interest to change anything, only seems to flash when just back all look.

If the world really doubts a better (and less racist) is because the British record company One Little Indian (after all, the Label of Björk), now changes its name to One Little Independent, may passionate. And nevertheless, You have realized that you have written with the Label name in the history of offensive stereotypes and the exploitation of indigenous peoples continues, it is called the music house.

the action of Youtube is meant to be. Here you want to make black producers and artists, $ 100 million in the Form of a Fund. This, however, would not even be necessary, would Youtube follow a business model that would compensate the consumption of musical content per se reasonable.

Almost a little contrite in all respects a correct Statement of the Bertelsmann Group (BMG) on the subject of seems to be. The reality of his operation is so that People of color were not represented in the mass in a company as in the company, said CEO Hartwig Masuch. “We are not as diverse as we could be. In spite of many efforts in the past years, we have not made sufficient progress.” In the Knowledge of how disgraceful the music industry, black artists had handled, have to get started with BMG in addition, all of the old artist of the contracts of an investigation and in the event of any discrepancies within 30 days to make adjustments.

In all, activism is to be noted that the Popbusiness is centered for decades in the global North. The curiosity to change this, and in the media, in industry and in concert being a music world map that goes beyond the Western understanding of culture is – since decades – to recognize hardly. The worst kind of Holiness has always been the hypocrisy.

The Swiss window

The Valais Hip-Hop whirlwind KT Gorique has published a 22 title comprehensive new Album. It is brimming with refined clocked speak, musically it is not of such a nature, however, is overly original. No matter. This woman grooves, as got it paid for.

And here’s the link to our Playlist with remarkable Swiss music recommend.

bloom What?

In Switzerland is currently trying to find in the event area to the world-famous “new normal”. And it shows that this is not an easy undertaking, especially since the larger events are allowed (small Message to Boris Zürcher, Seco: no, a work incentive, the event industry) needs.

Now reported to Melvin Benn, the Managing Director of Live Nation, and the results of prolonged researches presented, with the aim to make, soon, back large-scale events possible. His Plan: for visitors who would have purchased a ticket for a concert, it would be two weeks before the event on the Coronavirus test. After they have been forwarded to the organiser of the negative findings, should you to the concert, unless the App you would also need to download, would indicate that contact with an infected Person have occurred. Whether this is fuelling the desire for concerts actually?

The piece

the year is 1992, when Ian Astbury, the lead singer of the group The Cult, a live show of the group’s Mother Tongue attend, and so is thrilled that he is committed to you from the stage road as the opening act. And because the big record companies are just on the lookout for new Bands, with origins in the underground, and the guitar music a new Thrill give, will soon signed a contract with Sony Music and the first Album recorded. It looks good for the boys from California, but somehow the promo Department of a record company seems not to believe in a new Nirvana – or Red-Hot-Chili-Peppers-miracle (stupidly migrates to one of the band’s founder, then, of all things, to the Chili Peppers). The untitled Album of Mother Tongue is hardly advertised at all and therefore not sold. The bluesy Rock of this Band of a miracle of ability, which reverberates to the present day.

Now, this Album is for the first time on Vinyl has been released. The Band, according to various Totsagungen active again and when the music world is just, you know, finally, the adequate appreciation.

The soundtrack

On the Spotify Playlist for the column is a wild Mengung on new music for the die-hard Eclectic. There are many other things New from the Ethio-Jazz inventor Mulatu Astatke, angry Post-Punk of Heads, Norwegian berserk-Blues of death barrels and quarantine of the Songs from the Kenyan folk singer, J. S. Ondara. Arlo Parks covert Radiohead, Bibio indulges in the airy Folk, Norah Jones, back to the good Song, and the South African Pianist Nduduzo Makhathini blows all the good jazz spirits out of the room.

And here is the constantly updated “Chill Soul”Playlist with more than 50 hours of soulful music from around the world.

Every Tuesday to write our music editors in this new column about pop music. And with a Spotify Playlist price, what are the Songs you listen to.

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