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May 27 is a big day for Lily-Rose Depp who is celebrating her 24th birthday. Like her mother Vanessa Paradis and her father Johnny Depp, the young actress is making her way through the world of cinema and modeling. The ex-girlfriend of Franco-American comedian Timothée Chalamet has starred in a few feature films including Le Roi, Crisis, Silent Night, not to mention the television series The Idol, which she presented this year at the Cannes Film Festival.

Along with the cinema, Lily-Rose Depp stood out in modeling. A nice career that has raised many questions, especially because of her status as “daughter of”. “People have preconceived ideas about your career and how you got there, but I can tell you that nothing will get you a role except the fact that you are good for this role”, she had declared in the columns of the magazine in November 2022 and added: “I find it strange to reduce someone to the idea that they are only there thanks to the generation before them, it makes no sense. If a child of doctors also becomes a doctor, you are not going to say to yourself “oh, he is a doctor because his parents are”… It is rather: “No, I did medicine and I worked.””

An interview that quickly set fire to the powder, particularly with certain models who would not have been privileged, unlike the daughter of Johnny Depp. “That some benefit from nepotism doesn’t bother me. But what bothers me is when the powers that be pretend that it doesn’t exist (…) I know you work hard and you have difficulties like all of us, but, damn it, if you knew the hell we go through to stay in the same room you were born in,” supermodel Anok Yai wrote on the web.

A point of view shared by the Italian model Vittoria Ceretti who declared on the web: “For you, it’s free from the first day (…) Waiting hours to do a fitting / pass a casting just to see a nepo baby walk past you from the warm seat of his chauffeured Mercedes and his friend-assistant-agent taking care of his sanity…”.

A controversy which, however, has not tainted its popularity on the web. On her Instagram account, the young woman regularly shares hot shots that raise the temperature. The proof in pictures with a selection to discover in our slideshow.