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Sign of luxury in The Port of Santa Maria on the 6th of August. The entrepreneur José María Garzón has closed a combination stellar to commemorate the 140 anniversary of the coso: Enrique Ponce, Morante de la Puebla and Pablo Aguado, with bulls of Juan Pedro Domecq.

The mayor of The Port, Germán Beardo, accompanied by the councillor of the Royal Plaza de Toros de El Puerto de Santa Maria, Alvaro Gonzalez, and the employer sevillian José María Garzón, have presented this morning the poster of this celebration. The mayor has expicado that, despite living all kinds of surprises in recent months because of the global pandemic, with a spread finished, that was going to change the model of management of the Bullring and had to stay in a box and postpone it to the summer 2021, the timing of the season could not remain empty, “because it would have meant a rejón of death in the bullfighting”.

According to reports in the press release, Germán Beardo has indicated that “thanks to the commitment by The Port of the company Lances of the Future, with an entrepreneur at the forefront of recognized prestige, entrepreneur bullfighting elite and top in the world of bullfighting, the heart of the Bay, with its centuries-old Plaza Real , you will enjoy the next Thursday, 6 August, at 20.00 hours, bullfighting category, with a triplet level which will deal horn-flanked by Juan Pedro Domecq, excellence in animal husbandry, for the first swords, Enrique Ponce, Morante de La Puebla and Pablo Aguado”.

he has Also noted that there are many places in Spain that will be without bulls this year, but The Port, thanks to the agreement reached with the signature Sets of the Future, you will enjoy an afternoon of bulls colossal, yes that is in compliance with all the measures and capacity marked by the regional government of Andalusia and will sound the bugles and the Band Teacher Dueñas.

A time of the poster presentation on The Port

Beardo has specified that safety is a top priority. The rules are contained even in the poster, which indicates that it is mandatory to the use mask during the run and specifies that it will take the temperature at the entrance and shall take all sanitary measures required by the department of Health by the COVID-19.

Beardo has indicated he thanked the gesture of Sets of Future with the city, “as it has lowered the price despite the capacity reduced, showing a sensitivity without comparison with the current economic situation has caused the healthcare crisis”, sets out the note mentioned.

Since Sets of the Future, it is insisted that the celebration will have a protocol and a contingency plan that will put the company in motion to ensure the safety of the fans and the professionals of the world of the bull. is Garzón has pointed out in his intervention that since the start of the confinement has worked on the idea of giving the bulls this season and squares, such as The Port of Santa Maria will not remain without bulls. “It is to thank the courage of a city Hall as The Port to support for bullfighting is still alive, allowing the organization of this celebration in a year as difficult as this.”

Garzón has highlighted that “there are bullfighters who have decided not to fight this year or at least for the time being, a decision which we respect, their motives will be. What is clear is that it is a sign very finished off and the category of a square like The Port and more in its 140-year anniversary”.

as to the poster, the entrepreneur in seville has been pointed out that “we are talking about a sign with Ponce, who pardoned a bull of Juan Pedro Domecq, livestock is also acartelada. Will be the first cumshot Morante in this season, and the debut as a matador de toros de Aguado in this arena. Great incentive to go and show that we support bullfighting in a difficult time like the one we are living.”

he Also announced that “this run will also serve to remind the figure of Joselito El Gallo , in the year of the centenary of his death, a bullfighter who had a special relationship with the square of The Port”.

Regarding the pricing policies Garzón has assured that “we have lowered the average price of tickets by 20 %, highlighting the case of the lines of shade at a 20%, and in the sun a 27%. There are entries from 10 euros. Our goal is that all fans can enjoy a great afternoon of bullfighting in The Port”.