The protection of the Constitution may not be a weapon in the party political battle of Opinions. And, not least, the case Maaßen has shown that the authority is not an Arm of a party Central. Of course, the party will decide, ultimately, members of an examination or observation of the competition. If you really unpopular competitors out of the way, is another question. The immense effort of two prohibition proceedings against the NPD, with the result that the constitutional court held that the party ultimately to be insignificant for a ban shows that the rule-of-law institutions and tools not so easy to exploit. Especially since the AfD may have something to say about soon, even in the land offices for the protection of the Constitution a word.

So also the statement of the party to the test case and its Junior organization to the suspected case by the Federal office for the protection of the Constitution several facets: This is a warning to all the extremist forces, that a first boundary is reached. The classification is also a reminder to the moderate members, not (allow additional) radicalisation. The authority and the Federal government – shows that you are not doing something, even if it has, apparently, still very much in the Hand. However, the effect on the supporters of the AfD is likely to be different. Even an observation could lead to supporters to be a possible commitment in the future, careful thinking. Who to rebel but anyway, against the “System” that will see through such a decision, however, only confirmed that The AfD should be made, therefore, this is the way to cold. As long as the party stands for election, it must be expected that they will also be chosen.

And the choice of the main battle zone is in a free order. With the AfD you have to deal first of all, politically. Not by Aping simple slogans, but by addressing and tackling the burdens of the citizens. The AfD is a Symptom. They occupied a space. The protection of the Constitution must comply with its statutory mandate, cannot change anything. The more successful a protest party is in free competition, and even some with claims of the established, the more difficult a formal sanction. Yes, the AfD is a test case – especially for the policy.