It is the dream of many workers, especially when there is grey weather and clogged traffic ways: Simple from home. The digitalization reinforces this desire, especially in some of the companies anyway, most of it via E-Mail, phone and chat will be discussed. Now discord on the topic of “Home Office is on the horizon in the coalition”. Because on Friday afternoon, there were – in addition to all the excitement of the hacker attack on politicians and celebrities, a push via a “mirror” to the question of the Home Office: The Secretary of state in the Federal Ministry of labour Björn Böhning (SPD) wants to create a statutory right to a home work for all workers.

The politician plans that companies must, in future, allow working from home. You don’t want to not have to justify why this is currently possible. It is a supposedly gentle nature of the regulation, because of the pressure of justification is high. So, companies have to justify, for example, if you do not want to comply with a request of an employee to part-time work – the latter was aggravated by a right of return to full-time work (“Bridge part-time”). “Digitization is changing the relations of Domination,” said Böhning to the “mirror”, “we need to ensure that the people benefit from the changes”.

exactly How such a scheme should look like and what employers would not be affected, remained unclear. The Federal Ministry of labour, pointed to the demand in the coalition agreement, the government parties promised a legal framework for mobile work.

there is Hardly a worker complains

From the Home Office, many dream of, but in most cases, the request fails as the supervisor, as a study by the German Institute for economic research (DIW), a few years ago. In 40 percent of the Jobs working from home would be possible, actually make it in Germany, but only 12 percent.

Böhning has found this seems to be a good profile subject for the SPD, because the Union is already warning of resistance: “the Home Office is good,” admits the labour market policy spokesman of the Union group, Peter Weiß (CDU), to the F. A. Z., “but a requirement for approval of the Home Office is not installed”. The operational requirements are different. For example, in the sale at retail or the restaurant business the Home Office was “nonsensical” because it depended on the presence. He fears that in such cases, a law is only more paperwork would be: “There is an obligation to state reasons of rejection also creates unnecessary bureaucracy,” says White.

The chief Executive of the employers ‘ Association, Steffen Kampeter criticized the initiative. “In terms of working hours and place of work, the employer of all of the screws strongly for more flexibility,” he said of the F. A. spoke for himself, but for a provision in the companies. Bureaucratic legislation could go “just to the rear”. To increase “instead of the competitiveness, the Federal government something each week, what is achieved is exactly the opposite,” said Kampeter, and accused the SPD indirectly populism: “policy, according to a survey made deep policy stands against the future viability of our country.”