Russia’s Top biathlete Anton Schipulin ended his career. According to the latest Doping allegations the 31-Year-old will not return to the world Cup and will be on Saturday at the World Team Challenge in Gelsenkirchen to take his leave. “This race for me is the last in my professional career. I made the serious decision,“ said the season-the Olympic champion of 2014 on Tuesday. In the Schalke football arena, he occurs together with the former world champion Yekaterina Jurlowa-Percht.

for alleged training backlog Schipulin had flagship, Russia-St ski hunter, this Winter is still not a race contested. In January, he wanted to shock, to health back in the world elite to return, but it is not. Schipulin recently hit the headlines, because the Austrian authorities are under investigation for doping suspicion shots. It deals specifically with infringements at the world Cup 2017 in Hochfilzen. There Schipulin had won the Men’s team the gold medal.

Schipulin protested, however, against any doping suspicion. “I have the Anti-Doping rules can never hurt. I have always completed, in good conscience, all the doping tests,“ he wrote in the social networks. Even if Doping could never be proven, and there were previously no concrete suspicions against him, had not admitted the International Olympic Committee in February to the winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.