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the Good and the bad news about the “wild look” that the Flemish government is once again attempting to introduce into our corner of the world. Of the almost 50 instances over the past summer months, in the vicinity of the hills of the City are turned off, since almost all of the males killed in the war. “They are eaten by predators, or killed by the sharp blades of the machinery,” say the researchers.

However, there is some good news. Three female hamsters with transmitters to be tracked, to have offspring is given” as is also evident from the surveillance video. That’s as much as the males are dead, imposed, it has to do with the uithuizigheid in male hamsters, which are located much further away from the nest cart, and therefore is more dangerous to encounter.

the Former ministry of Agriculture and Nature Joke Schauvliege (CD&V) set in 2015 to 800,000 euros in grants, to the side of the project. The researchers did take into account that a relatively large number of the evicted hamsters would soon be a death. Over the next few years, therefore, is most turned off, in the hope that such a stable population is to come.