Chinese president Xi Jinping on Friday, the megaterminal of Beijing’s Daxing International Airport will be officially opened. The building, known as the ‘sea star’, and was designed by the architect Zaha Hadid, and is about the size of a hundred football fields. The airport is aiming for up to 45 million passengers per year, but it should be between now and 2025, all of the 72 million.

by 2022, China will have the United States surpass it as the largest aviation market in the world. That’s phenomenal growth, an additional airport of Beijing is vital. The current airport is in the north east of the state capital, it will receive 100 million passengers per year, but it is bursting at the seams.

now, Therefore, it was decided that the leaders of China and a new terminal building, 50 kilometers south of the capital city of Beijing. Not just in a terminal: ‘the sea star’ – so named because of its six branches, is the largest building in the world and has a total of 143 acres in size.

The futuristic-looking structure, which is both a flagship and a showcase for the Chinese leaders, it was 120 billion yuan (15 billion euros), and in a little under four years to be erected.

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