According to Public Health France, the summer of 2022 was marked by three episodes of intense heat waves, affecting nearly 78% of metropolitan France. This was the second hottest summer since 1900. From 2015, several very extensive and intense heat waves had the effect of significant excess mortality in France.

“The heat wave is no longer an exceptional meteorological event. Over the past 10 years, the recurrence of heat wave episodes, their intensification and the increase in temperature peaks have shown this to us. These phenomena have a major impact on health” , recalls Pr LaĆ«titia Huiart, Scientific Director of Public Health France.

According to Public Health France, the excess mortality is estimated at 2,816 deaths during the three heat waves of 2022. Between June 1 and September 15, 2022, more than 20,000 healthcare users were identified throughout the summer in cause of the heat wave and its effects.

In periods of high heat, the most vulnerable people are particularly exposed. They risk dehydration, the aggravation of a chronic illness or heat stroke. The symptoms to consider are: the appearance of muscle cramps in the arms, legs, stomach, dizziness, weakness, insomnia… So many symptoms and health risks that can also affect our pets. company.

Discover in our slideshow below 5 tips to protect our animal friends from the heat wave.