“A good thing”, is the name of Hugo Broos (67) the appointment of Vercauteren as head coach of Anderlecht. And he should know. the

Brittle and has a history with both of Vercauteren as Kompany in the purple-and-white. When he was there coach and was made from 2002 to 2005, it was Vercauteren, his assistant, and he had Kompany, days. “I have been following the promises made at that time, but Frederik had a much better view. One day he said to her: Hugh, what if we had Kompany and Vanden Borre to test it? and, of Course, I then followed it Good idea , ” I replied. Those two have had their ploegje is nothing more to learn and should be challenged. Now, in the very beginning, Frederik and I were quite annoyed by Vincent. He was, for the occasion, was already too late. Except for the fact that there has never been a problem. Negotiating it was challenging, but believed fiercely in love with her.”

now, Vercauteren had the one season as the head coach of the Kompany. Now he needs to get his ex-poulain in his hand. “Franky, is the right man for this”, says Broos. “He’s got loads of experience, a good record of achievements, working with youth, and knows the club inside and on the outside. He must be Vincent, however, is So it can’t go on. You can’t leave your vision to continue to be as you can see, it doesn’t work. , And the right of Selling and will of Vincent of things for granted. Simon Davies vólgde to him only, and he had a lot of respect and admiration for Vincent. I do hope though, that there are clear agreements on roles and responsibilities. They are both different personalities, and you need to make sure that it won’t.”

for More about RSC Anderlecht and facility news. Trebel however, is not the star, Anderlecht, Ndongala is not training in Genk’s Manager, Michael Verschueren-after another turbulent day on Anderlecht: “Coucke’s not nervous than to be anywhere else,” the Anderlecht-checking The Geril is coming to the Frank Vercauteren is a good thing: “Finally, someone who’s Kompany with both feet on the ground” VIEWS: “The timing of Vercauteren, and the performance of Anderlecht will have been a disappointment for the club,”