Did Elisabeth Borne voluntarily make sure to escape her own pension reform? This is a question that arises when we know that the pension reform, presented on January 10 by the government at a press conference, will apply to the 1961 generation, and more specifically to people born from the second half of 1961, or after the end of June. Within only two months, the Prime Minister will therefore escape it, since she was born on April 18, 1961. Asked this Tuesday, January 3 at the microphone of franceinfo on this curious coincidence of the calendar, the Prime Minister wanted to defend herself from be given a gift.

Elisabeth Borne on franceinfo.

“Pardon for giving your age, Madam Prime Minister. You were born on April 18, 1961. That means that within two months you will escape it” to the pension reform indeed launched the journalist Marc Fauvelle. “I have no plans to retire immediately,” the Prime Minister first replied ironically, before specifying that she had played no role in this schedule. “It’s a bit ridiculous. I carry a pension reform. I did not decide my year of birth according to the pension reform, nor the timetable for the reform”, hammered the Prime Minister to justify herself.

“Don’t you think you should set an example in this reform and say ‘it also applies to me since I’m going to change the lives of millions of people’?” retorted the journalist, reminding him that she it was also that she had “spared” herself. “If it only concerned me, why not, but it would be a great innovation and I’m not sure it would be well perceived to do this retroactively. The text will be voted on at the end of the first quarter, we are not going to change rules”, retorted with annoyance the Prime Minister, who bears an astonishing nickname in the government.

Asked about the possibility of increasing pension contributions so as not to have to raise the retirement age, Elisabeth Borne, having the status and salary of Prime Minister, assured to have “a red line which is not to not increase labor costs. According to her, not increasing the cost of labor is what allowed the government to “create more than a million jobs during the previous five-year term”.

As a reminder, the bill integrating the pension reform will be presented this January 10 at a press conference by the Prime Minister and the text adopted during the Council of Ministers of January 23 for an arrival at the National Assembly at the beginning of the month of february. Elisabeth Borne confirmed, according to the wishes expressed by Emmanuel Macron during his wishes to the French, that the reform would be “voted in the first quarter for entry into force this summer”.