78. As many (or as few) people have made over the last gemeenteraadszitting to the market are considered. Go to the kabinetsmedewerkers as well as journalists from the print, and there is hardly anyone about.

at One time, looked at more than 5,000 people, to be a part of the city to live, and have postponed all together. It was on the 25th of september, 2018, with the last meeting prior to the elections. The inspiration came from an article on the website, But that link has been copied to the live stream. Around 400 people watched as a live, 5.689 people were put off. It was such a mark will never be achieved.

according to the numbers, that Veli Yüksel (Open VLD) opvroeg to the mayor, it turns out that the ‘audience’ for a swim. In the last two meetings have looked at, respectively, 92, 86, 62, 52, 120, 24, 182, 108, 111 78 people are straight. That a few viewers for a price tag. It is a system in which the camera automatically to the person who is speaking, it costs more than € 200,000 for a period of five years. At that price, incidentally, is the reason why for so long have been waiting for to enter the system.

“one more chance”).

According to the There is a stream of the city council is stale, to be a resource for the city, that the minutes of meeting to be drawn up. “For the record, it is easier to have a report to write. But that’s the average But it has failed. And, then, the question arises as to whether it is by sea, the coal is still worth it.”

But There wants to be the service is not charged. “Benefits and cost will allow us to assess. Let us first give them a chance. I hope that the City, in this form of direct democracy, which is the highlight. And we, as politicians, can play a role as well. For example, by looking at the pictures via our social media channels to promote it. I’m thinking, for example, to the posting of a clip on a current topic or in a private building.”

mr Christophe Peeters (Open VLD), the vice-chairman of the parish council, will follow There. “We have to be there in the first place, to make sure that people know that the live stream of the municipal council to exist.” But there also needs to be in shape to work, he says. “We used to do that all the interpellations, and the actualiteitsdebat to bring to the surface. We can lose ourselves in endless debates lasting two hours. It’s a little bit of snediger.”