Theresa May has currently not easy: In the house you will find plenty of supporters for the Brexit agreement and the postponement of the vote brings in more criticism. While in your home Call for your resignation is growing louder, she travels through Europe, their Brexit Deal to negotiate. In addition to the criticism in the political business, many are not just on the Internet to speak to the British Prime Minister.

A Video is therefore particularly well: The British actor Andy Serkis is a parody of Theresa May. So far, so unspectacular. The special feature is that He slips in his parade role of Gollum from “Lord of the rings” and plays the famous “darling”scene. The treasure of Theresa May is of course your Brexit Deal, she wrestles in a debate with himself.

In the typical blue Blazer and pearl necklace Serkis carries the dialogue from the movie on the Brexit negotiations: “We can take back control, money, boundaries, laws, and blue passports. – But no, it hurts the people, it makes it poorer! – But I want it!“ pants Andy Serkis in Gollum style. The Video with the title “Leaked: Footage From Inside No. 10 Downing Street!”, so about “Leaked footage from the residence of the Prime Minister” ends with Serkis takes the Brexit Deal in the hands, and says: “This is the Deal. It’s mine, my very own Brexit.“

But the Video is also a clear political message: At the end of the call for a “People’s Vote”, so a second Referendum appears to be. The Video of the actor published on Sunday on Facebook, where it was viewed over two million Times. Also on Youtube it has over a Million clicks.