Pan-fried bread: the quick and easy recipe


More economical and more practical, homemade bread has everything to seduce the French. During the first confinement in 2020, many people started making their own bread, in the oven or with a dedicated machine. Classic, complete, country, household… These budding bakers took advantage of the time they had in front of them to learn about the baguette.

In 2023, it is no longer a question of time, but rather of money that could push the French to go back to the stove. Rising energy prices have forced many bakers to raise their prices, sometimes by several cents, and baguettes are now available at 1.10 euros, 1.20 euros and even 1.30 euros. In places, it has even risen to 1.50 euro! According to an Ifop poll for the JDD, only 31% of French people are ready to pay 1.50 euros for a baguette. The solution for those who refuse? Bake their own bread! If you don’t have much time in front of you, one recipe in particular will please you, that of pan-fried bread…

In 2020, the editorial staff of Planet gave you their easy recipe for making your own bread. But do you know pan-fried bread? Practical and ultra-easy, it will seduce you (almost) as much as the baguette. Above all, you can reproduce it at home endlessly for next to nothing and in a short time. You can also accommodate it according to your desires.

Are you in? Discover the ingredients and utensils you will need to make these skillet breads, then get started with our step-by-step recipe!

To make these skillet buns, you won’t need much in your kitchen, quite the contrary! In addition to being very quick to prepare, these buns are very simple. Here is the list of utensils and ingredients that you must prepare in order to make our recipe for four loaves.

Do you have everything? Here we go, follow our recipe step by step.

The recipe for skillet buns is very easy. It will not take you much time since it takes about ten minutes of preparation and only six minutes of cooking. Here is our step-by-step recipe for making four buns.

To vary the pleasure, you can open them, once cooked and make sandwiches, with fresh cheese, tuna, vegetables…