now, less than one in ten of the buses and trams are accessible for people in wheelchairs. A further 16 per cent, which can be used for help. The Flemish association of people with disabilities (VFG) will ask you to make all bus stops accessible to the public.

At this moment, there should be wheelchair access to the majority of bus stops will also be made at least 24 hours in advance to reserve the necessary assistance to get it. Of those registered want to take them off. The VFG calls for a law that accessibility guidelines is not enforced.

“We have to beat for many years with the same nail”, is the response of The Line. “It’s the providers who will be responsible for the construction of bus stops, and we don’t. We have established guidelines for bus stops, a tackle when the rest of the way, it is also heraangelegd.”

There will also be pilot activities in some of the lines, so it would no longer be required to make a reservation. “However, the reservation will, in practice, continue to be important, since the majority of coaches is only one place where you can have a wheelchair safely in position. To make a reservation, you can be sure of a seat, and you need to not be left behind at the bus stop.”

The VFG also needs to be on all the bus stops with screens, and with the voice messages in the announcements. Something that is already the case with the bus station and the main bus stops, but not all. “All of the links thus to get some rest, but this app could be a solution,” says The brand.

in Order to draw attention to the issue, the VFG number of persons without a disability have a go with a wheelchair and the accessibility of public transport in the spotlight. Under the slogan “our big message to the society and the whole of the week’s action.

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