who were once students in the district of Offenbach. What memories do you have of the former school building?

Eberhard Black

correspondent of the Rhein-Main-Zeitung for the district of Offenbach.

F. A. Z.

I was lucky twice. In the case of my Enrollment in 1971, just a few schools were created because of the baby boomers. For me as a first grader, this meant: new building, first occupancy. After that, we were blessed with a new Gymnasium. But that was the exception. As a district Council member, I was able to find out later that the buildings were with us in a circle in a dilapidated condition. Because you could poke the pencil through the window frame. All of that changed with the beginning of the public-private partnership to the schools by the end of 2004 and beginning of 2005.

Which ends in a year. At the end of September 2019, the contracts with the company SKE for the Western part of run, the end of December 2019 with the company Hochtief for the Eastern part of the circle Offenbach. You are glad that the project is completed in a year?

Yes and no. No because that was for the circle of a all-Round carefree package. SKE and Hochtief have done in these 15 years, high-quality work. This also applies to the school entertainment, the so-called Facility Management. I think no one can doubt, and also show the responses of school principals, teachers and parents. The Service was all around satisfied. And Yes, because we can set up to 15 years.

At the beginning, there were significant reservations.

You didn’t know this Form to let schools by third-party companies to manage, still, because that had made the circle until then. Since reservations were in one or the other, that the two companies were first of all interested in maximizing their profit, and that the schools would not be managed optimally. Now, it is feared, rather, that the services no longer provided in the previous quality.

As the district of Offenbach is on the imminent end of the project prepared?

We prepare ourselves for two years. In the project company for the Western part of SKE is involved in the for the Eastern part of Hochtief, each with around 95 per cent. The circle holds about five percent. After the expiry of the 15 years of the circle is the sole shareholder. The district Council has decided, initially for two years with two companies to continue working. In this time, experience should be collected, whether it is strategically more favorable to keep it in the case of the two companies or the entire building management of the schools in the district administration to retrieve.

In the case of the district Council decision, the emphasis was on the word “first”. How do you see that?

I venture the prediction that it is for the district of Offenbach in the operating business would make more sense if we lead both companies. In mid-2018, two employees of the circle are the properties responsible have been sent, as a managing Director there, in the day-to-day business. For the past two years, professionals are in the schools on the move, any structural defects in order to eliminate from SKE and Hochtief.

Why it would make more sense, the two project companies to continue?

We want to keep the staff of around 160 employees. This relates to the janitorial team, but also the employees in the back office, to organize everything, and particularly skilled technicians. If the circle takes over the companies, run contracts, but also sub-contractors and delivery of energy contracts. This would have to be on the loop back transfer, this meant a large administrative effort. A certain degree of legal uncertainty that could arise because contracts would need to be completed.