Bad news is good news, and what went well. Time for a Thank you.

Ursula Kals

editor in the business, responsible for “youth writes”.

F. A. Z.

thanks to the Professor, the leaves on the Congress to the candidate, defer to, praise, and honor, and, the, for, of course.

thanks to the doorman, the fleet has sayings on it. What “You light my Day”, he has not learned in school, but he does it day in and day out.

thanks to the math teacher of the MINT-group, the go in spite of cold, in the pouring rain, to buy in the pet store mites for the micro-copy.

thanks to the doctor, the hard-pompous look, but confidently says, “we get”.

thanks to the Car mechanics, the gazebo in view of the weakening of the rust has said the same.

thanks to the grizzled colleagues, the support of the youngster and him not to blindly run into the gewetzten knife the The-have-we-always-so-made-Ausbremser.

thanks to the modest colleagues, the samples each Monday with food for his Baking skills sweetens.

thanks to the of a animal hair Allergy-ridden head, find cats stupid, but regularly of the social progress of the troubled Fund cat reports.

thanks to the managing Director, the vain rooster rounds (“I recently found in the case of Hobbes…”) with his sci-Fi, Enkidu Searches.

thanks to the colleagues, to fill in without complaint, as in the case of the other the offspring of the flu wave is over and the supply of emergency erupts.

thanks to the stressed parents, who left him for bridge days. Unasked.

thanks to all those who only laugh when it’s funny and not in love with servant Japanese laugh because of the humor, loose head has cracked a lame joke.

thanks to the Sysadmins, the answer with stoic calm even the most banal questions. Thanks to learning ready-to-analogue people.

thanks to the Sober, which Acknowledgements the pastoral appear, the waving of the Text.