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Everything is strange and different in this Champions express that puts to the test the ability of Atletico to overcome the obstacles. One of them was the test of the Covid, passed by the template, before travelling to Lisbon and that gave as a result the positive Strap and Vrsaljko. At the press conference of telematics offered Oblak and Simeone, it was clear the disorder that this situation made him to Atletico.

“The Saturday test, we left the training quiet, but after the positive of the situation was stressful,” said Oblak-. We had to wait and do a new test, which is now a very common thing in the world, but of course the Sunday we were stressed as we waited.

we Were nervous, because you can be asymptomatic and not what you know”

The goalkeeper admitted that “it is a situation strange, the Champions league is played to a single match, it is new for everyone and difficult for everyone. We are aware of what is happening in the world, but we come to play, we don’t think about other things.”

with Respect to the party in Leipzig, told the porter that “we are surprised that they see us as favourites, so who is the favorite because it is worth nothing. is The Leipzig is a very good team , defend and attack very well. No, we do not see as favorite”.

In his appearance in Lisbon, Simeone was parapetó in the “party-to-party” and there were no other argument on your part.

“I do Not answer to the views of colleagues , nothing to comment on, the German coach is doing a fantastic job,” he said in relation to criticism that it had made Julian Nagelsmann about the game of Athletic.

“I’m busy in prepare the party in the best way, with clarity about what we need to do damage, with the illusion of always any coach that participates in the Champions league,” stated Simeone.

Not wanting to enter the Cholo in if football owes him a Champions league to Atletico or it may be a last chance. is “The only thing important is to win , I do not centre that you do not saea the game tomorrow. The opponent is good, there is a great coach and the competition will be pretty”.

not even the memory of Anfield encourages you. “It’s not worth anything -says the technical argentine-. They spent many months, that illusion began to shut down, spent hundreds of days in the quarantine and begins another champions league,”

Simeone indicated that it expects to later have to Strap and Vrsaljko, “if we move forward in the competition.”

Julian Nagelsmann, the coach of Leipzig, was very resolved with respect to the strength of your team – “we have a lot of quality and what we want to prove”– , and commended the athletes on another facet: “there Is much talk about his defense, but they have great talent in attack, they are very fast and attack with six or seven players and make goals.”

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