The prices for the tickets, the train tickets and the subscriptions of the NMBS/SNBC will be in 2020, as some are more expensive. On average, the prices go up with a 2,32 percent of the time. That tells you It’s. The sncb / NMBS adjust the prices in line with the health index.

The decision was taken at a meeting of the board of directors on the 25th of October. The so-called health index, often referred to as the index, is by allocating 1.87 per cent. In a nutshell, a single ticket will have to 2.83 per cent increase in the total cost. Also, the Campus Card, it is considerably more expensive, 2,87 per cent, to be exact. However, the latter may now also be used for journeys up to 150 km. Previously, it was limited to 111 km.

the Subscription for the high school students and adults, rising to 2.83 per cent in the price. The GO Pass 1, the GO pass 10, the GO Pass is an Unlimited, and with a Rail Pass, do not increase the price. The Key-Card, 10-class pass for short journeys, it is 3 € more expensive, so a card is in the 1st grade it is only 4 euros more expensive. Also, the rates for senior citizens will rise from 40 cents per one-way trip in 2nd class), even though there are a few restrictions in the way. They will also be allowed to travel to, and during, the zomerweekends (from mid-July to mid-August).
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