Marilou Berry was born on February 1, 1983 in Paris. Daughter of actress Josiane Balasko and sculptor Philippe Berry, she made her first screen appearance at the age of 8 in the film directed by her mother, Ma vie est un enfer. Little interested in studies, she left high school in second to enroll at the Conservatory of the 7th arrondissement of Paris. She goes on internships on film sets before being revealed to the cinema in the film The First Time I Turned 20 in 2004.

She then went on to popular comedies such as Once upon a time in the wadi or Our happy days, released in 2006. It was from 2008 that Marilou Berry really revealed herself to the general public in Vilaine. We then saw her again in the films Joséphine, then Joséphine s’round, Valentin Valentin, Under the same roof or even The new adventures of Cinderella, in 2017.

Throughout her life, Marilou Berry has multiplied roles and has been transformed for each of them. But her biggest metamorphosis remains her impressive weight loss in 2013. Indeed the actress lost 25 kg and completely changed her silhouette.

“I’m not going to spend my life playing the roles of 20-year-old young women who feel bad about themselves. So the roles evolve with me and vice versa. And my body is a vector of play,” she explained on the show 50. minutes Inside, before adding “Being fat is boring! We have pain in the knees, in the back… It’s not possible”.

Discover in photo the evolution of Marilou Berry over the years.