The next season, after the really good, is always, in the massive quality losses occur. The Plot is absurd. About the protagonist suddenly pulls out of love to your year long Off/On Boyfriend and gives up her own large, successful law firm, New York. Each member of the audience, it is clear that the actress simply wanted to participate for no fee increase in the world. Instead of creating your role is simply as a result of murder from the world, what would have been more likely – just as a comparison: of the eighty million Germans die each year, 405 people so, it needs to be a move with relationship to the subject.

Marc-Uwe Kling, of the dignity of small artists with the annoying, verfressenen, hairy roommate, such inconsistencies did not go through. His relationship, the kangaroo, was also disappeared for a while from the series. But, first, it wasn’t really gone, and secondly, only submerged to his organization, the anti-social network, to compromise, and thirdly, it plays, Yes, self, a role that no one gives up just like that, may be interesting in other offers.

You can make it so cozy, upside down on the Sofa with his head down and the legs on the Backrest, and liquor chocolates suck, the viagra advertisements on your Computer click away, and his Partner load a new, expensive ringtones on your mobile phone, and the kangaroo Bonus listen to: the “kangaroo-apocryphal”.

Also, you can get the stamp “funny, Marc-Uwe”. “Apocrypha” are handed downstream, yet in the drawer location, kangaroo stories, which can now be the dark, snatched, still no canons attributed to, but the yearning for the cheeky marsupial, and its at least not completely defenseless roommate breastfeeding (The kangaroo: “This is a real Crap-title”).

You can, while listening to you, what flatters the educated author certainly, without that he would admit it, sociological studies about the joke to do. When is it funny when a phrase for the umpteenth times repeated, and when did the saying, that it is mild, again, recognizing, however, slightly disappointed nods and thinks, “I had to the first Time you Hear a laugh on tax, 150 miles an hour is not a safe speed”. Well, yeah, sure, unsure, these are all civil categories.

Actually, the first name of the author is already a joke, half to the Roman Emperor’s name, half of the Federal-Republican petty bourgeoisie, “the Frisian Lallname, etymology unknown”. As he also writes. The mismatched quotes and other references to the world-cultural history. Without knowing all the films with Bud Spencer and Terence Hill, as well as “Star Wars” in and out, then you can forget about the uninterrupted Listening of the “Apocrypha”. Who of us would not be a broken taxi-driving, long-time student. On the other hand, we are all half-grown boys, the complete frills schnuck games and betting, which will spare you the Badputzen, the cleaning up of the lumber room, or the purchase of pancake ingredients.

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In families, the kangaroo Chronicles, kangaroo Manifest and kangaroo-revelation have to learn to be together, daily life in pre-the end of boring jokes surge for years, only with a nick, Ha, “Ha, Moo, Moo . . .“ comments, as it comes from Julia Müller, the most stupid of all the moderators, one of Kling’s funniest inventions, constantly. Super is also the Job Center clerk, which came after the first few sentences of the kangaroos, in which it describes his work experience as a strawberry, beer and bratwurst seller in each case never beyond the trial period, the sighs: “I wish I were dead.” The modern service working everyday as an ancient Drama.