Cold, then soft. Last week was marked by a noticeable drop in temperatures, after a particularly mild start to winter in France. The cold may therefore have surprised some of them, who were no longer used to such low temperatures, especially in the morning. The mildness returned this week and it continues throughout the country, according to the forecasts of Météo France for this Friday, February 3. Here are the temperatures expected tomorrow in our different regions.

If you like softness, you will have to take advantage of it because it will not last! Forecasts have been circulating for a few days on social networks, warning of a sharp drop in temperatures next week. According to the various models shared, the thermometer could drop to -12°C in France around Wednesday February 8. What do we know about these predictions? What temperatures should we expect in the next few days? Will the cold really arrive in France, so suddenly? Planet takes stock.

In recent days on social media, many people have shared the map of an American GFS (Global Forecast Weather) predicting a cold snap across Europe. The cause: an anticyclone from Scandinavia, which should settle on our continent around February 8, thus causing a cooling of temperatures.

Several French weather sites wanted to clarify the situation. This is particularly the case of Météociel, which explains that “the reality is much more moderate”. There will be a drop in temperatures, but it will not be as significant as the American GFS would have you believe. The Weather Channel confirms that “the cold will be back at the start of next week”, but it should not reach temperatures as low as what we are currently seeing on social networks. One thing is certain, it will be necessary to cover well, according to the forecasts…

The weather will change from this Sunday, February 5, warns the Weather Channel. It will be cold, with “stubborn greyness from the northeast to the center-east”. The same conditions will be visible next week and it will indeed be very cold on Wednesday February 8, according to Météo France forecasts, but not -12°C. Here are the minimum temperatures expected in each region on the morning of February 8.