Abandoned during the last summers marked by Covid-19, is the motorhome making a comeback? Apparently yes. In 2021, according to figures provided by the leisure vehicle union, 100,000 registrations of this machine were made. A significant development, notes the site Le Monde du Camping-Car because there has been a jump of 23.4% compared to 2020.

To go on vacation two hours away or at the other end of France, this mode of travel is ideal for transporting all your family and equipment. But where exactly?

If wandering is the essence of this means of transport, it is nevertheless necessary to establish a destination and places to visit. For you, Planet has produced the slideshow below which presents 10 destinations to visit in a motorhome, according to the Le Monde du Camping-Car website.

Life on the road is not always easy and requires a few tools to get by. In addition, it is absolutely necessary to have, according to Le Monde du Camping-Car: