Monitoring of the driving bans: diesel the government’s plans under fire


    The Federal government’s planned measures for Monitoring Diesel-driving in the Bundestag on massive rejection. Despite modifications to the original bill, all the Opposition factions expressed in the first reading on Thursday evening privacy protection legal concerns. The mass Surveillance of motorists for an administrative offense was out of all proportion, criticised the transport policy spokesman of the FDP parliamentary group, Oliver Luksic.

    transport Minister, Andreas Scheuer (CSU) wants to capture in driving ban-zones number plates automatically. Also pictures of the vehicle and the driver are provided. Unlike originally planned, the data will be stored but only for a maximum of two weeks and not – as originally planned – for six months.

    the rejection of the plans against driving restrictions

    Nevertheless, the criticism of the project continues unabated. The reworked draft law was only “a bit less bad than the first attempt,” said the Green-Chairman in the Committee on transport, Stefan yellow hair. As well as Ingrid Remmers from the Left he campaigned instead for the introduction of a blue badge.

    Similarly, the Opposition rejects in the Bundestag, the government plans to reduce Diesel driving prohibited unanimously. Left and the greens warned on Thursday night, the draft bill of the large coalition, it was not legally tenable.

    the AfD and the FDP expressed a doubt as to the targeted pollutant limit values. According to the plans of the CDU and the SPD, there should be driving restrictions only in the case of a significant Exceeding of the limit value for harmful nitrogen oxides.