Australian golfer Jarrod Lyle is dead. The father of a family died on Wednesday evening at the age of 36 years to the consequences of a cancer disease. "It breaks my heart not to tell that Jarrod is no longer among us", wrote Lyle’s wife Briony in a statement. The former PGA Tour player leaves behind two children.

"Feel nothing but sadness"

"Lusi, Jemma and I are now faced in order to have a life without the best husband and father life. We feel nothing but sorrow", wrote Briony Lyle. Jarrod Lyle had gone because of his leukemia-disease in the past week in the palliative care. As a 17-Year-old, he had overcome the disease, first of all, marriage in 2012 were re-occurred symptoms.

"He asked me a simple message to pass on: 'Thank you for the support that meant the world to me. My time was short – but if I helped, the families that have to live with the cancer, then she was hopefully not in vain'", wrote Briony Lyle.

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