(Paris) The painting by Claude Monet, smeared with paint on Wednesday in Stockholm by two environmental activists, suffered “no damage”, announced Thursday in Paris the director of the French museum of Orsay, to which this work belongs.

“The painting has not suffered any damage,” said director Christophe Leribault, during a press conference devoted to the redevelopment work planned in his establishment from 2025 to 2027 and which will not lead to its closure.

The work in question, entitled The Artist’s Garden at Giverny (1900) is on loan from the Musée d’Orsay to the Nationalmuseum in Stockholm, as part of an exhibition devoted to gardens and nature.

Mr. Leribault said that this painting had been examined by restorers from the two museums Thursday morning, by videoconference. Neither the work nor its frame, brushed with water-based paint, have been degraded, according to Mr. Leribault.

The organization Återställ Våtmarker (“Restore Wetlands”) demanded this action from AFP and released a video in which we can see two women, one nurse and the other, a student nurse, daub red paint the showcase protecting the painting.

They chant in chorus “The climate situation is urgent!” and “Our health is at risk!” “. They were arrested by the police.

In an interview with AFP, the organization accused the Swedish government of not respecting its international commitments in terms of environmental policy.

The Nationalmuseum is working to re-hang the painting in the exhibition, a spokeswoman told the daily Dagens Nyheter.