An 18-year-old Giessen is the media missing, according to reports in Egypt, and possibly from the security forces was recorded. The father of the young man with Egyptian roots reported in the “Hessenschau”, that his son had been arrested in December after his arrival in Luxor. The have brought his brother in Cairo. The father of the Missing, that his son might have been “with a Person of similar Name” confused. For more information on the reason of the arrest were not but also learn on-the-spot.

announced As the father on Facebook, wanted to visit his son, “only the family in Cairo”. After his arrival in Luxor this got checked in for his connecting flight to the capital. In the machine, he had not increased, however. Until now, his son was still in custody, wrote to the father. Previously, the “Giessen General had reported” about the Missing, the wanted to visit in Cairo with his grandfather – but never arrived.

The foreign office said on Sunday that the Ministry take the incident “very seriously”. The German Embassy in Cairo was in contact with the competent authorities and to the families and try “with emphasis on education”.