Massive recall at Leclerc for cakes marketed throughout France


Vigilance if you have recently bought cakes from leclerc. The supermarket chain is recalling cakes of the “P’tit déli” brand. The pound cakes of 250, 500 and 800 grams and the marbled bar of 500 grams are affected by this measure. These products were marketed between June 17 and August 3, 2022, throughout France, can we read in the sheet published by the government site Rappel Conso.

The GTINs for the affected lots are: 3564700487464, 3564700019481, 3564700019474, and 3564700793770. All have a minimum durability date between August 15, 2022 and September 12, 2022.

The reason for this massive recall? The possible presence of “metallic foreign bodies in the products”. The risk for consumers is to ingest these metallic bodies, which can cause injury or adverse effects, specifies Rappel Conso.

All Leclerc stores in France are likely to have sold these cakes. “As a precaution”, people in possession of these products are asked to stop consuming them and return them to the point of sale for a refund. The following number is available to consumers for further information: 0800 865 286.

This recall procedure will end on October 3. Leclerc also recalled tortilla chips in recent days due to the possible presence of tropane alkaloids. This substance, if consumed excessively, can cause “nausea, dizziness and headaches”, indicates the specialized site. Other brands are affected by this recall, such as Auchan and Carrefour.