The Liverpool fans in Genk, in the most beautiful side show to the race, and hung them in a shameful and obscene picture of Divock Origi up. The banner was quickly removed but the damage had been done, and in the club, they were bored with the whole situation. There was an immediate investigation launched.

the first division soccer team KRC Genk in the End of the 1 – 4 Liverpool, Report Layouts, you can Follow the LIVE Genk-Liverpool.

At the bottom of it was a photoshopped Divock Origi, naked, displayed in addition to the uefa Champions league trophy. Apart from the questionable level of this banner, you are at a very vulnerable time as in England quite a bit to do on the issue of racism. The club said in a statement it to know that it’s the “fast and the banner had to remove it because it is the image of a racist stereotype bestendigde”.

“This is totally unacceptable”, says the statement from the club. “Liverpool condemns the offensive banner. We are now working together with the local authorities as well as the stadionteam in Genk (be) in order to identify those responsible and sanction.”

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