Liverpool’s manager, Jürgen Klopp, after the completion of the 1-4 victory of Liverpool in the field of Racing Genk on Wednesday in the third match of the group stage of the Champions League, a moderate satisfaction. In the box in the first half of the courage that Racing Genk, the team will be difficult to make. “But after a rest, we make a difference”, he made a note of it on the news.

the first division soccer team KRC Genk in the End of the 1 – 4 Liverpool, Report Layouts, please READ. RESPONSE. The players think, under the impression of culture: “Those men are hitting the ball in an incredible way,”

“We have a very good start, and to score straight away”, began to Klopp, his story. “Later, it was in the first half may not be as effective. We are members of to a lot of losing, and the names are sometimes too much of a risk in our passing. So, we’ve lost the momentum. Genk was played at the same time, have a good first half and we were at times, very difficult. After the break, after the second goal from Oxlade-Chamberlain, it was all over for the Bathroom. We were in a third and a fourth, and it was a big win.”

Klopp’s colleague on the other side, Felice Mazzu, surprised in advance, by Paul Onuachu in a second deep midfielder in the kick-off to set up. “I had not really expected,” acknowledged Klopp. “All of it made in terms of the system also does not make much difference. The most difficult was that there was now in front of a very tall boy standing there. This is a very different kind of Ianis Hagi, who is, earlier, we would have expected. That was a clever play of Mazzu. Onuachu could take the weight of the fight and throwing a lot of second balls and to win. But in the end it has no effect on the outcome.”

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Felice Mazzu was left with mixed feelings. “On the one hand, I’m quite happy with the game, but on the other hand, there were moments to be kind to our game”, commented he.

“in The race, of course, terrible,” and opened Mazzu. “This is the second time in this campaign that we’re very, very early on a still in strong position to be on them. It happened in August and again today. Against a team like Liverpool, a team with a very high level, you should be at the start of the class. Afterwards, we’ll play a good first half, I think. We are creating more chances than Liverpool, and the score is even, but the goal is once again disallowed for offside. We are currently at that level is not easy, but we were fine with it. I’m certainly not unhappy. This match will be taken with us into the future.”

One thing is for Mazzu was, however, again, the character of our team. “We have to stay with the times, something has to be polite to your opponent. We show that, sometimes, too much respect for each other. The positive aggression is part of the game of football. This is an area that we can certainly do better. But I feel it is good. We need to continue and, even more, to believe in ourselves. This group is more capable than they may think.”

for By the 2-3 defeat to Salzburg at This keeps Genk in the running for third place. That was also, Mazzu. “I think that it is possible for the third and fourth place. We have a single-point, Family has three of them. We will continue to be a firm commitment to the European winter.”

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