His life changed over 30 years ago. At that time, Linda Hardy defended the colors of the Pays de Loire before being elected Miss France 1992, succeeding the Tahitian Mareva Georges. A beautiful springboard for the young woman who sees herself opening the doors to stardom. During her year of reign, she represented France at the Miss Universe, Miss World and Miss Europe competitions, where she obtained the Miss Europe 1992 Elegance Prize in Athens.

After ceding her title to Guadeloupe’s Véronique Da Cruz, Linda Hardy remains in the spotlight. At the end of the decade, she evolved into modeling and then on television with Thierry Ardisson in Tout le monde en parle, in her role as a columnist on France 2. But, after one season, the ex-beauty queen aspired to another role: that of an actress.

In the 2000s, Linda Hardy took her first steps as an actress in the Havec Jamel Debbouze series. We also find her in plays and in the cinema, but it is on the small screen that she will flourish in several fictions. From her occasional appearances in Alice Nevers, Commissaire Cordier and Camping Paradis, the actress also obtains recurring roles in La Taupe (2007-2009), Research Section (2007-2010) and Tomorrow belongs to us (2018-2021).

Two years after leaving the TF1 soap opera, the interpreter of sports teacher Clémentine Doucet was the guest of the program Chez Jordan on C8. The opportunity for the host to look into the remuneration of the actress to play in the series. “When your name is Linda Hardy, how do you get paid when you do ‘Tomorrow belongs to us’ on TF1?” Asked Jordan De Luxe.

Far from being embarrassed by the presenter’s curiosity, Linda Hardy spoke frankly about the amount she received: “10,000 euros per month, gross, without taxes”. A comfortable salary for the former Miss who justified herself. “Yes, it’s a nice sum compared to a lot of people. Then, it’s a recurrence. It’s the pleasant side of being in a series”.

However, the sublime brunette admits having received a bigger salary in another series of TF1. These are Research Sections where she played Chief Warrant Officer Claire Linsky for two seasons. “We are more than in Tomorrow belongs to us”, she admits without revealing the sum. “Each time, it was shooting days. Sometimes it’s guaranteed minimums. We are in a time today where we are often told that there is less money, that the fees are not not the same… We are told everywhere“, she concludes with a smile.

In parallel with the famous TF1 soap opera, Linda Hardy participated in various programs such as Danse avec les stars (in season 10) and Stars à Nu (in season 2) on TF1. A woman of challenges and commitments, she uses her notoriety to defend causes (Printemps ELA, Pink October, etc.). But today, the forty-year-old aspires to a new career.

In L’Union Reims in October 2021, Linda Hardy confided her desire to become a naturopath. “I have been training for a month and a half which will last three years, which does not prevent me from practicing my profession as an actress”, assured the actress, quoted by Gala. “I have the feeling that today when you practice this profession well, which obviously does not replace traditional medicine, it is an activity that can be extremely useful in prevention”. A significant life change for the star, holder of a scientific baccalaureate, who did not hesitate to speak on intimate subjects such as pre-menopause. “I think it’s a second phase of life about which there is a lot to learn,” she told us in May 2021 for the release of her well-being guide Happy and in good shape.

With her Miss France 1992 crown and scarf, Linda Hardy caught the attention of fans and admirers. At the end of her reign, the ex-beauty queen made the hearts of several men beat faster. Including that of Johnny Hallyday with whom she had a brief romance in 1994.

While the famous rocker disappeared in December 2017, Linda Hardy paid tribute to him in The real life of the Misses, a documentary broadcast in 2020 on C8. “He was a fantastic person, very generous, with a lot of delicacy and humility. He had all the qualities that great people have,” she admitted, specifying with restraint. “I am one story among many others and I do not give myself the right to talk about it as if it were as important as the others”. Alluding to the singer’s media relations. “First, it’s personal, she looks at me, but vis-à-vis the other women in her life, I find it indelicate”. Invited in June 2021 on the show Good Morning Weekend on Non Stop People, the singer’s ex-girlfriend claimed that their separation was due to an “incompatibility of mood”.

In 2008, Linda Hardy married art dealer Peter Neerinckx. From their union, the couple welcomes their son Andréa, born in 2010. Despite their divorce some time later, the actress has kept a good relationship with the father of her child. “There is a global harmony”, declared for Closer the single mother, specifying not to be “in search of a soul mate”.

Discreet about her private life, Linda Hardy exposes her son Andrea little on social networks. The least we can say is that the teenager has grown well from the top of his 83 meter, as evidenced by the photo of his mother unveiled for the start of the school year in September 2022 on Instagram.

Asked by Closer, Linda Hardy confided in her role as a mother after her departure from Tomorrow belongs to us in 2021. “For me, the end of an adventure symbolizes above all the possibility of living new ones. And then, I spend a lot more time with my son since I stopped filming in Sète. He is very happy to be able to enjoy me more. And me too!”, before continuing. “It’s very easy thanks to my son who is a super nice little boy, full of joie de vivre. He is very understanding when I have to go to work”. An ideal mother-son relationship.

In an interview with Télé Star, the actress and ex-Miss France Linda Hardy confided in her career as well as her state of health. The 49-year-old star had notably mentioned her participation in the series Joséphine, guardian angel. “Mimie, I admire her, she is super generous and masters this character to perfection. She is so funny. I am proud to have participated in this episode which tells the story of resilience through dance”, had -she explains.

Regarding her health, Linda Hardy revealed that she recently had appendicitis surgery. “I was very well taken care of and I’m recovering quickly. I’m not the type to feel sorry for myself and in recovery, the desire to do things plays a key role,” she said. . An operation which, however, was not a brake on his career: “I am going to shoot in Occitania a very beautiful fantastic series for France Télés”.