The race for the National Assembly is on for these 2022 legislative elections. Several weeks after the re-election of Emmanuel Macron, the political parties are campaigning for the legislative elections to be held on June 12 and 19, 2022. While alliances are multiplying and the candidacies are linked, the stars of the small screen are also interfering in the campaign and intend to make their voices heard.

Like the journalist Aymeric Caron, former columnist for Laurent Ruquier in We are not lying, who formalized his candidacy. “I will be a candidate for the legislative elections, in the 18th district of Paris, for the New Popular Union”, he announced on May 3 in LeParisien. Support for Jean-Luc Mélénchon in the first round of the 2022 presidential election, the founder and president of La REV (Ecological Revolution for the Living) claims to have “concluded an agreement with the Popular Union several months ago”.

Still for our colleagues, the former polemicist of France 2 explains the reasons for this rallying with the Popular Union. “Very naturally, we realized that we had a lot in common, both on ecology and on the social project. It’s a very open movement: we weren’t asked to adhere 100% to the program of insubordinate France”, also ensuring that “Jean-Luc Mélenchon and the Popular Union have not converted to the program of the REV”.

Among the causes he would like to defend in the hemicycle if he is elected, Aymeric Caron wishes to highlight the ecological aspect, just like animal rights. Also detailing his ideas for social justice, against discrimination and helping culture.

Comedian Gérald Dahan is trying his luck again in the legislative elections. According to our colleagues from South-West, the famous imitator was chosen by the electoral committee of insubordinate France (LFI) to represent the party in the 3rd district of Charente-Maritime (in the Saintes and Saint-Jean d’Angély sector. ).

Originally from Cognac, where he returned to settle in the region two years ago, Gérald Dahan hopes to experience much better success than in 2017. At that time, he was campaigning in the 10th constituency of Hauts-de- Seine where he faced Gabriel Attal. The government spokesperson came out on top with 44% of the vote, far ahead of UDI candidate Jérémy Costes (20.58%) and comedian Gérald Dahan falling to 8.3%.

Sophie Davant’s ex-husband ready to get into politics? According to La Lettre de l’Audiovisuel, relayed by the newspaper L’Équipe, the famous journalist is considering running for the legislative elections in the 8th constituency of French people living outside France.

Now settled in Italy for six years where he has been working, the former host of France 3 would be invested under the label of the presidential majority (ex-LREM become Renaissance). If Pierre Sled’s candidacy is confirmed, he will run for the post against MP Meyer Habib (Les Républicains-UDI). For the time being, the principal concerned has not reacted to this information.

“Francis Lalanne, your deputy, animalist, ecologist, sovereignist”. These are the words that we can read on Francis Lalanne’s campaign poster. The political battles of the singer are now well known. He was indeed an important support for the yellow vests. Since 2021, he has also been very close to the antivax movement.

It is therefore to carry these fights to the National Assembly that Francis Lalanne decided to stand for the legislative elections. He is campaigning for the seat of the 3rd constituency of Charente, under the label of a movement called La France libre, reports Le Progrès.

“I present myself as a simple citizen to achieve responsibilities without the tutelage of a party. I will not decide anything, I will establish a permanent consultation with my voters to bring their voice to the Assembly”, declared Francis Lalanne in the columns of La Charente Libre.

Famous for his outspokenness and his scathing replies, it is under the colors of the animalist party that Laurent Baffie has decided to launch himself. “I want to put my notoriety at the service of the Animalist Party and give it better visibility. This is my way of supporting it,” he explained, according to Le Progrès.

Animal welfare is a cause close to his heart. Aware of his low chances of winning the election, the comedian said “knowing that their scores are usually around 2%. If I can help them get at least 3%, I will be very happy already”.

In the 3rd constituency of Paris, Laurent Baffie will notably face outgoing MP Stanislas Guerini, recently appointed Minister of Transformation and Public Service in the new government of Elisabeth Borne.

The former television host is now well known in the French political landscape. She is a regional councilor for Ile-de-France and a member of the Republicans. However, it is not under the colors of her party that she presents herself.

A few weeks before the presidential election, the chef had dissociated herself from Valérie Pécresse. On her campaign poster, she now suggests that she supports Emmanuel Macron. Indeed, we can read there “republican right and center” and “Presidential majority”. However, it was not Babette de Rozières who was invested by Ensemble.

“Deputy, I would be the candidate for renewal and the democratic surge for precisely more proximity, and that the mandate of Deputy finds its original meaning: TO RISE UP AND MAKE THE VOICE OF THE PEOPLE HEARD!”, Can we read on his Twitter account .

Almost 20 years ago, in 2003, Isabelle Seguin participated in Koh Lanta. At his side, we could find legends of the show such as Moussa or Moundir, recalls Le Figaro. At the time, she had won the show. Today, she is embarking on a completely different adventure.

Aged 60, this head of a training organization will represent the party of the presidential majority, Renaissance (ex-Republic on the move), in the 4th district of Ain. She will then try to take over from the outgoing LREM deputy, Stéphane Trompille, convicted of sexual harassment.