Japan wants to improve the situation of foreign guest workers. Prior to starting in April, the planned Opening of the country for more guest workers with the help of a new visa system, the government decided on Tuesday a series of measures to ensure that foreigners receive in the future, adequate working conditions and support in everyday life.

in view of the rapid aging of society and the consequent lack of labour, the Asian economic power in the next few years, hundreds of thousands of other guest workers into the country.

workers as “Trainees” exploitation

critics complain that Japan’s government had not prepared the country sufficiently to the inclusion of so many additional guest workers. They point to the exploitation of foreigners who are on an internship program that offers Japan since 1993, emerging countries, now in Japan. In reality, these “Trainees are being exploited,” according to lawyers, Japanese firms often work as cheap labour in factories and live isolated from society.

A large Problem is the role of unscrupulous intermediaries in the countries of origin is also. Under default, to help the Trainees in finding a job in Japan, they demand high fees, which Affected the fault often.

Planned improvements

Tokyo wants to cooperate with these countries to such conditions. In addition, guest workers are to receive in the future, reasonable work hours, reasonably paid and secure jobs.

The majority of guest workers are expected to be from Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam.