intensification of Work, Overwork, bad mood, minutes of sleep in the breaks, the structuring of the investigation, as the acts of a theater piece. As everywhere, is also saved in the Freiburg police personnel in this abysmal SWR”crime scene” with an unexpected twist. For the officer of the Police Advisory body, the bureaucratic Meike Richter (Nora forest sites), should be given an Alternative presentation of the police everyday, the the supervisors Cornelia Harms (Steffi Kühnert) wishes.

It was all only a matter of perception. We have it all determined in the handle, it is important to convey. Just no thought of Burnout. Only caffeine, sweets, and rough coffee quantities Franziska Tobler (Eva Löbau) and substitute Commissioner Luka Weber (Carlo Ljubek for the ailing Hans-Jochen Wagner) hold on to the legs, as you identify with the increasingly sweltering, in fact of physiognomy over a longer period of time in the double murder case of a tennis teacher and his underage student. The victims were shot in the forest during Sex. In the vicinity of a stolen car was found, the owner of Heinrich Adam (André Young) with his cake-baking wife lives in a house that allows for little conclusions on the people. The retired Couple has to clean up time, and only a pastime:. Saturday is always Gartentag.

He has a rather special relationship to rules

In the vicinity of the crime scene was picked up by a young man who rushed in boxer shorts at night through the undergrowth. A nervous man with no time and sense of time. Without The Structure. Damian Rombach (Thomas Prenn) is apparently under a lot of pressure. His workload is just before the Jurassic intermediate examination enormously, his fear of failure even greater. His Desk, a single unkreatives Chaos, just like the by Tobler. With the double murder, he seems to have nothing to do. Peter Trelkovsky (Johann von Bülow), a convicted Exhibitionist, whose fingerprints were found inside the car, remains suspicious.

In the meantime, discovered Weber randomly Parallel to a more than three-decades-old murder of a young girl. It sees the new victims strikingly similar. Another body is found in a burned-out cabin in the woods. Charred beyond recognition. Probably only a matter of time until you you have identified.

the time, order and random – within this triad of this “Tatort”-episode from Stefan Schaller (Director and book), and Lars Hubrich (book) as a complex of perceptual psychology, picture-viewing (camera Andreas Schäfauer). At the superficial narrative level, Damian is “” of a double murder and an unexplained death, by the wearisome toil of the calculation routines and a young student with fear of failure, of living in the fraternity house of a country team as a “Fox” and to the rules of a rather special relationship.

The time is working against him

the plot surface this “crime scene” but much more a study of the way in the madness. Damian, the Thomas Prenn in his debut starring role in a fascinating kind of placed on the inclined level of Perception, a is asleep in the University library, and comes too late to repeat the exam – about three weeks after appointment. Voices harassing him. First it is a Whisper, then you will always be louder, commands, deeds him, taunt him, mess, on top of each other, with each other speaking.