New book causes a stir in This settlement wants. Trump necessarily verhindernEx-security adviser John Bolton tells all in his revealing book: The Ukraine affair was just the tip of the iceberg Trump’s entire foreign policy was full of Offense.Kilian Martin Washington0 KommentareEr wants to document the external political error Trumps “exactly”: John Bolton. Photo: Reuters

in Vain, the enemies of Donald trump’s waited during the Impeachment proceedings against the President in January on John Bolton. The foreign policy hardliners, who served the Trump up to September, 2019 as a security consultant, and in the strife had separated, was supposed to testify, according to the will of the Democrats in the Congress and Trump impose a heavy burden.

After all, had denied reports the New York Times, Bolton was working on a book about his service time and have the basic features of Ukraine-confirmed affair: that Trump the Ukrainian President Volodimir Selenski much-needed US aid, to force to Biden, Ukraine investigation of Trumps democratic rival Joe. Bolton did not appear, however, and Trump was spoken by the Republican Senate majority in January of the indictment.

Pass in the entire foreign policy

this Coming week, will now appear in the much-anticipated book of the Ex-security adviser, with the title “The Room Where It Happened” – and Bolton’s publisher Simon & Schuster woke with a press release in advance the appetite of the Trump enemies. Because Bolton is arguing that the Democrats had committed a “fatal error”, as if they had studied during the impeachment proceedings against Trump only the Ukraine affair. The President had Pass “in all areas of its foreign policy,” get guilty, which will document Bolton “exactly”. The book, the publisher, was not concerned only “with the Chaos in the White house”, but lighting in addition, the “contradictory and indiscriminate decision-making process”. All foreign policy decisions are only in terms of Trumps and re-election is taken, even if this “I mean the threat or the weakening of the Nation”.

in the face of such hints leading Democrats regret that in the Congress now, even more, that Bolton has not been forced in January to testify. Although the former security adviser, assured in a speech in February, his testimony would have influenced “the ultimate result” of the impeachment proceedings against Trump hardly.

The well-known lawyer and columnist George Conway, husband of President consultant, Kelly Anne Conway, and a fierce Trump’s opponents is, of course, convinced that Bolton can make testimony a difference would have been. Bolton had miscalculated, however. He didn’t want to in front of the Senate only in the Wake of a subpoena, statements, and mistakenly believed, it is Republican senators who would agree to such a summons would be sufficient. The Ex-security adviser, but I have “overestimated the character, the honor, and the Patriotism of the Senate Republicans,” says Conway. Instead of the necessary four Republican votes of only two Republican senators to a subpoena Boltons had agreed to – which the democratic amendment was rejected.

Now Bolton promises to be a delay in the General settlement with Trump, who wants to prevent these: In Washington, was excluded on Monday that the White house will submit citing state secrets and national security filed a lawsuit to block the book.

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