In one age, as others think of the pension, he. Erik Ode was 57, when he sparked in the role of Commissioner Herbert Keller his first case. His three assistants, Robert (Reinhard Glemnitz), Walter (Günther Schramm), and Harry (Fritz Wepper, later changed to “Derrick”, and his brother, Elmar was replaced) helped him, the detective’s assistant Helga (Emely Reuer), and unconditionally devoted Secretary by the name of Rehbein (Helma Seitz). Eight years later, Keller had converted about a hundred killers, and millions of viewers captivated.

“The Commissioner” was never boring. In none of his 97. But he was never exciting or Action-trimmed. The maximum speed was reached, when Robert, in the style of a backup-and-Jerry-Cotton, hopped over hunter fences. The looked funny.

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Even otherwise, there was at Keller & co. to laugh a lot – from today’s point of view. “The Commissioner” was more than a killer search game. It is a time the spirit of study was in a time in which you weren’t aware of the Zeitgeist. Of course, there were in each sequence is equal to the beginning of the obligatory murder. However, this served only as a hanger, the Federal Republican society to look at closer. The way was the goal. And that is why each discovery tour led by the stations, double-morality and Excess. If the basement and the Team in a suit and Tie in a beat shed went down, should make the shake-up, affected.

now, it acts weird, as hopelessly cliché overload. Hippies in front of the Che Guevara posters delirieren to Krautrock. Robert, Walter and Harry pour drinking beer and Clear. And only the basement, even in the eyes of the highest voltage never look the tilt of ash fell to the ground, remain established, is shaken by nothing, as if he wanted to say: “guys, I’m Hitler, two world wars and an eternity of crime fighting behind me. Since I will not bring but a couple of Junkies out of balance.“

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the basement of the chain-Smoking is the calming influence in a world of change and decay. Parents understand their kids, Nouveau riche play Caligula, small citizens tremble in front of the pimps. It is full of Neurotics and nervous doctors and Junkies. Today, forty years after Christiane F., drug victims rarely in TV thrillers. At the time, but, as those who had bled on the economic miracle mitgez, look at the study, which was provided by a perplexed company monthly statements had to be, how their children got on the wrong track, “The Commissioner”.