Seats remained! – Our favorite benches in Zurich – and the matching music to it once a Poet wrote: “Where one sings, there let yourself be quiet.” We say, where we let ourselves down and what Song should you listen to there.Editorial Züritipp2 Kommentare2So empty it’s not always: look on the Josef meadow.Photo: PDGrossstadt

The rear end of the Josef meadow, I sit sometimes on the third Bank from the left. Eat an ice Cream with my son and watch in the night over the black, dormant surface on the enlightened Prime Tower. And think of the people that are too busy to sleep. (ish)
music: Faber – “Züri”


The hagenbuch road above the Albis Ried the village is a steep slope. Those who climb them will be rewarded before the end of the Benches on the edge of a forest track. It is surrounded by trees, overlooking a large Meadow and the towers of Altstetten. Very liberating. (cs)
music: Mani Matter – “Chue on the edge of the forest”

the gold rush

My Benches on the bridge to the werd island. The noise of the Limmat river is deafening. So it is for itself, forgets the world around, and the surface of the water glitters in the light like Gold. (moi)
music: Haiyty – “Gold”

moonlight dance romantic: Bank in the Rieter Park.

It is at the top of the Rieter Park, with views of the staggeringly beautiful Panorama of the lake and the mountains, the red Benches. The most sensual, it is in the moonlight stars on summer nights; on the one hand (no, it’s a secret), on the other hand, because the Meadow is to the Barefoot Dance floor. (thw)
music: Indochine – “Le Grand Secret (Remix par Trisomie 21)”

drinking curse

It is the Benches on the Southeast corner of the Rieter Park. You can see on the other side of the lake and up to the time of KVA Horgen. What we were drinking, and cursing on those who come only when the weather is nice in the Park. (pu)
music: die Toten Hosen – “waste Your time”

balcony 2.0

The concrete turning warm from the sun, the view of Limmat river and city – the roof terrace of the dancing house, with its meter-long Bank this summer will be my extended balcony. (aho)
music: Stereo Luchs – “balcony”

color parade short view: a view of the aviary Seebach.

The three benches in the aviary Seebach offer the best views of the exotic birds from all over the world. Especially nice is the gold is not pheasant – if only his crows would be so ugly. (ggs)
music: The Buggles – “Living in the Plastic Age”


Romantic on the lake and something hidden behind bushes. Close to the Canton school is the ideal place to cuddle with the school treasure. (zac)
music: Torch – “In Your arms”


On a small terrace at the hamberger dough is the perfect Bank. At the bottom of the lake, above the vineyards, on the right is a Pärklein, in which children build Tree houses and Teenagers revolutions plan. (pam)
music: Nöggi – “I bi verliebt i Züri”


Under the lime tree at the highest point of the irchel Park is a wonderful place to relax. On a huge meadow in Spring. With bees, flowers and other herbs. (si)
music: Elijah – “Gib mer meh”

sea of light the best prospects: a view over the city.

Where the upper Waidstrasse and the pond parts of the dough, looks you in the Night on the hard bridge, the Letzistadion, the traffic and all of the Windows, behind which people live with their own history.
And everything lights up. (nia)
music: The Streets – “Blinded by the Lights”

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