Elon Musk proposes on Twitter more times than the strands. There he has published an alleged agreement reached to take Tesla out of the stock market, which earned him a penalty from the securities and exchange Commission. Here he berated during the efforts in Thailand to rescue boy from a cave, a British as a pedophile.

This insult brought him to proceedings for defamation. The Briton Vernon Unsworth, against whom the insult was directed, is suing in California to cease and desist, and compensation in the amount of $ 75,000, the equivalent of about 65,000 euros.

Elon Musk fights back. The news Agency Bloomberg according to which, he claimed, nobody would have taken his Remarks seriously. It was held to be “thought-out attacks” and a “schoolyard noise in the Social media”. The Statements were although may have been offensive, said Musks lawyers. They have, however, been in the context of the freedom of expression.

Unsworths lawyer Lin Wood disagreed. Musks Position would lead to the Internet expressed allegations could not be pursued.

Musk had in July, to the rescue of a Thai boy from a cave, a Mini-submarine to develop and had even traveled to Thailand. Unsworth worked there as a paramedic and advised Musk to plug the U-boat where it hurt. Musk, have no idea how it will look in the cave. The U-boat was too long to overcome the obstacles in the cave. If it were a pure PR action.

Then, Musk expressed on Twitter the accusation that Unsworth was a pedophile. Literally, he wrote: “Sorry Pedo-guy, You’re really begging for it.” Musk apologized in two tweets for the accusation.