This Monday, April 24, 2023, Annick Morel, responsible for drafting the arbitration rules for doctors’ unions, issued the text which should set the future prices for consultations with general practitioners and specialists. Our colleagues from Capital were able to access the main points of the document exclusively.

According to union sources contacted by Capital, “this arbitration settlement is very light, and that’s good. The less there is in this settlement, the better it is to relaunch negotiations with Health Insurance as soon as possible” . A will that matches that of the government. According to the co-president of the Avenir Spé Le Bloc union, Patrick Gasser, the Minister of Health François Braun wishes “to reopen the negotiations quickly and to participate more in them”.

Annick Morel retained in its arbitration rules the general increase of 1.50 euros, i.e. a basic consultation of the general practitioner at 26.50 euros. This proposed increase had been greatly criticized by doctors who called for an increase in prices to 30 euros, or even 50 euros, for the basic consultation of the general practitioner. However, if a doctor takes emergency care of a patient who is not one of his usual patients, he will receive an increase of 15 euros in addition to the consultation fee.

Discover in our slideshow below the details of the increases in consultation rates for general practitioners and specialists.