When it comes to choosing the name of your child, you have two options: recycle the names of uncles, aunts, brothers and grandparents, or let the imagination run wild by giving the new kid some most original family of first names. Finding the rare pearl can however be complicated: here are the least common first names in France!

Before embarking on the task of first name searches, it should be remembered that they are all authorized and that the law does not provide for any restriction or prohibition. You can therefore freely declare the first name of your little one, even if it consists of a single letter. Please note, however: if the first name chosen is deemed contrary to the interests of the child, the civil registrar can inform the public prosecutor.

In 2021, Jade was the most given first name according to INSEE, with 3,802 births. Louise follows, with 3768 then Emma, ​​with nearly 3700 births. Here are three names given less than 500 times:

On the boy side, the most popular first names last year were, unsurprisingly: Gabriel, given to 4,974 little ones; Leo at 4358 and Raphaël at 3957. Three of the rarest names for boys are:

Discover the twenty least given names in France in our slideshow below.