not too long ago, a chemist had to mix in the manufacture of complex substances, the relevant substances with difficulty, in the correct proportions by Hand. Today’s automated apparatus to do, thanks to Artificial intelligence, the same work in a fraction of the time. A synthesis robot, which is not dependent on human help, in the chemistry lab of Leroy Cronin at the University of Glasgow.

Manfred Lindinger

editor in the Department “nature and science”.

F. A. Z.

The apparatus, the piston, the supply lines, coolers, and Stoves, the valves and pumps of an ordinary small chemical laboratory, there would be the Computer and its Artificial intelligence in the Background. Here is all the information about the performed reaction steps.

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When the man with the machine intelligences in the laboratory


The respective formulas out of the computer from a database or loads them from the network, then the output of chemicals from a range on offer, put together. Everything is understood, as the researchers Cronin in the journal “Science” reports.

Viagra from the Hand of the chemical robot

Then there you go: valves are opened, substances run with the addition of a solvent in the correct order in a glass flask, where it is mixed together, shaken, stirred, and depending on the need for heated or cooled. After the reaction product was separated from the solvent and final cleaning are subjected, runs it in the bin.