Even if you should lose on the Christmas day your swing, have thrown the demonstrations in Hungary, there was a light on why the country in schröder’s sense of motion is, at best, still pure, but not a real democracy anymore.

It does not matter what you think of the overtime law, against the protests. Rather, it is to be, and the handling of the head of government, Viktor Orbán, with the following criticism. A hallmark of democratic systems is that prior to the adoption of laws in Parliament is properly informed of pros and Cons will be discussed. In Hungary, however, it is now the rule that to happen, but that Orbán’s political party laws, just pushing through, without the Opposition gets the stage for their arguments to be heard.

To democratic practices, it is also possible that a government deal with the arguments of its critics. Orbán says more about himself than about his opponent, when he dismissed the recent protests as “hysterical screaming”.