New fuel aid: who will be able to receive the 100 euros?


Another pressure on the purchasing power of the French, fuel shortages added to galloping inflation or even rising energy prices. This is why the executive had set up, as part of its legislative “purchasing power packages”, assistance in the form of a rebate at the pump. The government had succeeded in involving the TotalEnergies group in its dynamics. The fuel giant had therefore followed and offered an additional rebate to that of the State.

But these pump discounts aren’t here to stay forever. Originally, the device was already to end on November 1, the strikes in the refineries having more or less died out. The rebates were then reduced in mid-November, but extended until the end of 2022 only. Yet, inflation continues its rampant course, and although the increase in the price of gasoline has diminished, it remains a reality.

On November 14, the Minister of Public Accounts Gabriel Attal hinted at avenues for the after-discount on the set of LCI, according to L’Express. The desire was to design a more targeted aid, for households really in need: the rebates applied in fact in a completely indiscriminate way to all motorists. Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne therefore announced this Wednesday, December 7 the nature of this new aid.

It will be a single payment of 100 euros, valid for the entire year 2023… To benefit from it, certain conditions must be met. The beneficiary household must be in the first 5 deciles of income, that is half of the population is therefore concerned. In addition, you will have to declare on your honor that you need your vehicle to go to work. Unemployed people needing a vehicle to look for work will however have to turn to Pôle Emploi for help, said the Prime Minister.