After surveying thousands of hotels around the world, reveals the results of its survey on room service, or more commonly known as “room service”, this Tuesday, June 6th.

This service, practiced in the majority of hotel accommodations in the world, has been increasingly requested by hotel guests since the health crisis. “Since the pandemic, room service has seen renewed interest for 40% of the hotels surveyed and a third even say they record an average basket of €100/night,” tells us.

Find in our slideshow below the Top 10 of the most unusual orders recorded by hotel room service in the world.

The survey conducted by highlights all the most outlandish requests from hotel guests when it comes to room service. And yes, apart from what is on the menu, some residents ask room service to bring them specific and unusual dishes and drinks.

Indeed, as the study tells us, some hotels “are also pushing the limits of room service by adapting their offer to meet these ever more atypical requests”. So what are some of the weirdest customer requests? We’ve ranked the 10 craziest orders listed by for you in our slideshow below.